Futsal Is Unique and Challenging

Sep 12, 2018 12:25 PM


Futsal is its Own Specific Sport, Defined by FIFA

Here’s what’s happening in the Huntsville/Madison area and in most of the U.S. Most players learn soccer first and futsal later, which can make learning futsal a little harder. It can even be somewhat overwhelming to some players because futsal is so much faster than soccer and is played in a much smaller space (about 20 by 35 yards), on a smooth floor, with a smaller ball, a futsal ball that rolls very fast, smaller goals, yet resulting in higher scoring games. From this perspective some players find it easier to take their soccer game indoors onto turf with a soccer ball and immediately continue playing soccer.

To play futsal it requires adapting to a much faster game, a smaller ball and learning a few different rules. Futsal is a separate version of football defined by FIFA and is cited as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Some teams, when first trying to play futsal, have done well and have continued to enjoy playing futsal in winter and summer seasons in the North Alabama FUTSAL League. Unfortunately a few teams have tried playing futsal and have found it too difficult for them and have returned to the easier game of soccer, the game they are used to. Moreover, sometimes players have judged futsal solely from their soccer knowledge without trying to adapt to futsal.


Consider playing in the North Alabama FUTSAL League, who hosts standard futsal games per FIFA on futsal compliant futsal courts. Benefits of playing futsal in the North Alabama FUTSAL League (NAFL) include:

  • All players are registered - no ringers secretly added
  • Fully defined teams with team rosters
  • Written and published rules - not just in minds of proprietors
  • Standard rules (FIFA, USFF, ie. U.S. Futsal Federation)
  • Safety rules (shin guards required, no slide tackles)
  • Playing surfaces lined per futsal standards
  • Trained/certified referees (Are there even referees at other indoor soccer venues? Or enough to adequately call games?)

Because of the above, more benefits:

  • Quality
  • Consistency (no changing rules each week)
  • Dependability
  • and Medical & Liability insurance!

Other Perks of NAFL:

  • Team standings kept
  • Division winner t-shirts
  • Golden boot & golden glove awards in summer seasons
  • Perpetual trophy of ‘Champions Division’ Winners (adults)
  • Perpetual trophy for Division I coming soon (adults)
  • Tournaments with trophies & medals
  • Ability to play in USFF regional tournaments
  • Air Conditioning in summers

Is playing on green turf (with a bouncy soccer ball) so important that you give up many other amenities? It shouldn’t be. Play futsal instead.

See ‘About Futsal’ and ‘About Us’ pages at for more info about the separate game of futsal and about the league. Also view ‘News’ for much more information.

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