Women's Division Futsal

Sep 14, 2018 11:37 AM

This is to announce a Women’s Division of futsal this winter, 2018/19. Many of you have already played futsal in the adult Open Divisions of North Alabama FUTSAL and know what fun it is. Again for this winter season, a separate Women’s Division of futsal is being offered, which would allow you to play your game and not have to worry about playing alongside sometimes overpowering male players. Interested? Read on.

 Please let me point out that this is a unique opportunity to try playing futsal this winter in a new Women’s Division without having to commit a lot of time or money. A method has been crafted to do this. It will consist of a 4-game season (half the normal futsal season) for half price, half the performance bond and half the USFF player registration fee. Motivated to help women get their own division, the league will share the risk with the teams this winter season by collecting only $50 instead of $100 performance bonds from the new women’s teams. The league will also split the cost of any new player registrations with USFF, i.e. new players pay $10 and North Alabama FUTSAL will pay $10 (normally $20 annually).

So, for a new team of 10 female players (a good quantity for a futsal team, depending on player commitment), each player would pay just $3950 for the 4-game season. This amount would be a little more or a little less if a team has less or more than 10 players. (10 is a good example number.)


Last winter the North Alabama FUTSAL League had 11 adult teams in two open divisions, a top division called the Champions Division and a lower division called Division I. Look at the season results on /index_files/Winter20172018Season.htm. The league has been steadily growing since it started in 2013. Now is the time to add a women’s division.

All of this is on top of the fact that futsal is a very exciting, fast paced, high scoring game that many soccer players would play year round if available. Really! Once you try futsal you will never view soccer the same. One of three forms of football defined by FIFA (soccer, futsal and beech soccer), futsal is well defined, very respected, highly followed internationally, fastest growing sport in the US. Will you be part of the excitement? See what Ronaldo and Messi say about futsal. Click here

I’m asking you to talk among your women’s soccer teams to determine who would like to play futsal this winter in a women’s division. With enough interest you could register a women’s futsal team to play this winter at only the regular adult open division team deposit amount of $295 plus half of the normal Performance Bond, i.e. $50, refundable. Annually, in the fall, all adult players play an additional $20 USFF registration fee. But players in this startup Women’s Division will pay only an addition $10 registration fee to USFF. That’s all. See for all details. But discuss this soon. Registration opens in ten days, on Sept. 24th, and will close October 21st. This half-price deal may not be offered again.


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